Jason Ali

MA MB BChir, MA (Med Ed), PhD, FHEA, MAcadMed, MRCS (Eng)

Education and Qualifications


2018 – 2019         USMLE – ECFMG certification

2012 – 2015         Doctor of Philosophy– University of Cambridge, Department of Surgery

2010 – 2014        Masters (Medical Education) (Commendation) – University of Bedford

                              Post Graduate Certificate of Medical Education – University of Bedford

2009                     Membership of the Royal College Surgeons England

2002-2008           Medicine– Churchill College, University of Cambridge (Distinction)


Positions Held


Fellow and lecturer in Medicine and Director of Studies, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

2014 –
Assistant Editor – Best Evidence Topic section

Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (ICVTS)

2019 –


Prizes and Awards


The HSJ Patient Safety Awards: High Commendation

Perioperative and Surgical Care Category for Papworth Haemostasis Checklist

The Royal Papworth Hospital Learning and Development Award

Awarded following nomination for staff award

The Margaret Witt Scholarship Fund for Clinical Excellence 2017

Competitive bursary awarded to attend a RCS course (£1000)

Intrathoracic Tracheal and Chest transplant prize, British Transplantation Society

Awarded for best presentation in cardiothoracic section

The Roy Calne Award 2017, British Transplantation Society

Awarded to best published paper in the field of transplantation by a trainee in 2016

The Roy Calne Award 2016, British Transplantation Society

Awarded to best published paper in the field of transplantation by a trainee in 2015

Royal College of Surgeons Needlemakers Educational Bursary Award

Competitive bursary awarded to attend a RCS course (£1000)

Poster of Distinction, American Transplant Congress

Awarded to best poster in category

Charles Slater Fund Travel Award, University of Cambridge

Fund for furtherance of research in medical sciences (£2650 / £568)

2014, 2015
Finalist for Medawar Medal at the British Transplantation Society meeting

One of the top 4 basic science abstracts submitted to meeting

2014, 1012 and 2011
Patey Prize

Best presentation – Society of Academic and Surgical Research conference (£250)

SARS Bursary

Top scoring abstract to Society of Academic and Surgical Research conference (£400)

Young Investigator Award at European Society of Organ Transplantation Congress

Awarded to top 5 clinical abstracts submitted to meeting (€1500)

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Scholarship

Scholarship from University of Cambridge for PhD studies (£4500)

East Anglian Chapter, Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland Senior trainee prize for best oral presentation 2012
The School of Clinical Medicine 1st year PhD Research Prize

Best poster presented at School of Clinical Medicine Research event

The Transplantation Society Basic Science Mentee-Mentor Award

Award at the World Transplantation Congress, Berlin 2012 (€2000)

BTS Congress Travel Bursary

Awarded to authors of top 10 abstracts submitted to BTS conference (£400)

Biotest oral presentation award at European Society of Organ Transplantation

Top basic science abstract submitted to meeting (€2500)

East of England Deanery training sponsorship

Funded position on Post Graduate Certificate of Medical Education course (£9000)

Duke Elder Ophthalmology Examination

Pass, and ranked 14th nationally

Distinction for Final MB Part II: Clinical medicine 2008
Churchill College Final MB prize

Top mark in medical finals in Cambridge University 2008

George Peter Baker Prize

Top mark in theory Final MB examinations (£2000)

Novo-Nordisc Prize for Student Selected Component

Best profile of work across student selected components during course (£500)

Butler Orthopaedic prize

Top student in orthopaedic exams

Distinction for Final MB Part 1: Pathology 2007
Rhodri Wilson Memorial Fund – Travel fund for Elective (£200) 2007
Hagardon Prize 1st prize

Oral presentation at Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia conference

Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia Audit Prize

Best Audit presented at ACTA conference 2007

William Harvey Studentship

Top mark in First year clinical exams

Churchill College MVST Part II prize

Top mark in final undergraduate year

Health Foundation Student Research Fellowship – £15,000

Competitive national award to top 1% medical students for research experience

Scholarship, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Achieving first class in undergraduate examinations

2002, 2003, 2004


Professional Clinical Experience
NTN Cardiothoracic Surgery, Health Education East of England

08/16 –                 Cardiothoracic Surgery: Papworth Hospital, Cambridge



Clinical Audit
Stage T3 and T4 lung cancer and appropriate pre-operative imaging, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital – September 2015

Examining adherence to the guideline requiring CT within 28 days prior to surgery in these high T stage lung cancer patients.

Radiological follow-up post Type A dissection repair, Papworth Hospital – 2014 – 2015

Examining compliance with guidelines recommending radiological follow-up post Type A dissection pre and post implementation of an ‘Aortic clinic’ to improve follow-up of these patients

Donor organ audit: Kidney transplant donor organ utilisation, Addenbrookes Hospital – May 2015

Examining the donor organ offers received by the unit and examining the details and outcomes of those organs turned down at this centre but used at a different unit

Audit of completeness of discharge summaries for patients discharged from ICU, Papworth Hospital – August 2011 – January 2012

Poor compliance with NICE guidance regarding ICU discharge summaries, which was improved significantly after CIS system was modified

Audit of lung cancer referrals to Papworth Hospital in 2010 – December 2011 – March 2012

Aim to assess compliance with National Lung Cancer Audit regarding patients with low stage lung carcinoma being referred for surgery

Audit of discharge delay after fast-track cardiothoracic surgery, Papworth Hospital – Nov 2011 –  March 2012

Reviewing the factors delaying discharge and strategies to reduce delays and attributed costs

Audit into the accuracy and completeness prescriptions in the critical care unit of Papworth hospital before and after implementation of Computerised Physician Order Entry – May 2006 – October 2007

Identified poor prescribing practice that was removed by the implementation of a computerised prescription chart, which should lead to safer patient care

Retrospective audit of positive thick and thin malaria films conducted by the Northern District Hospital, Luganville, Vanuatu – June – July 2007

Analysis of rates of malaria positive blood films over the last decade and assessing accuracy of data collection.

Audit of the Integrated Care Pathway for suspected deep vein thrombosis in place at Bedford Hospital – November 2007

Identified practice not complying with recommendations from Royal College, suggestions made to reduce the number of unnecessary blood tests and USS

Audit into secondary prevention following myocardial infarction at Nuffield Road Medical Centre – March 2009

Identified that patients not complying at discharge from secondary care, were not being identified and managed in primary care appropriately.

Audit reviewing the 10 year experience of laparoscopic adrenalectomy at Addenbrookes hospital – August 2010

Reviewing the operative details and outcomes following laparoscopic adrenalectomy


Quality Improvement Projects


March 2018 – Initiated the first patient from Papworth going for mechanical thrombectomy after a post-operative acute ischaemic stroke. Contributed to updating guidelines and education
February 2018 – Surgical ward round improvement project – Altering the ward round structure to improve patient management and workflow, looking forward to the structure in the new hospital
January 2018 – Implementation of the Caprini VTE scoring system as a means of risk stratifying patients for extended VTE prophylaxis following thoracic surgery at Papworth Hospital
June 2017 – Participation in the ‘Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme’ (PQIP) a national programme to improve post-operative outcomes in major non-cardiac surgery.
May 2017 – Design and implementation of ‘Papworth haemostasis checklist’ to reduce return to theatre rate and blood product consumption following cardiac surgery at Papworth Hospital
July 2016 – Development of a chest drain insertion electronic form to ensure formal documentation of chest drains inserted on the wards at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital




Research degrees awarded

2005                BA (hons)1stclass, then MA (hons) – University of Cambridge

Assessment of Prion related protein (PrP) levels in serum and plasma of healthy sheep.

Supervisor: R. Bujdoso and A Thackray. Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge. Submitted as Part II research project 2004-5, achieving 1stClass

2014                MA Medical EducationCommendation– University of Bedfordshire

Evaluating the perceptions and understanding of final year medical students towards the role and value of workplace-based assessment tools used in the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2014)

Supervisor: M Behrens, Department of Medical Education, University of Bedfordshire

2015                  PhD – University of Cambridge

Longevity of Direct and Indirect pathway CD4 T-cell allorecognition responses (2010 – 2015).

Supervisor: G. Pettigrew. Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge. Academic Foundation Programme 2010 to completion of PhD May 2015


Research Grants

2012 – 2015     Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training FellowshipPathways of CD4 T cell allorecognition in allograft rejection. Supervisor: Mr Gavin Pettigrew, Sponsor: Prof. Andrew Bradley. Total: £256,048

2011 – 2012     Addenbrookes Charitable Trust grantObservational study of colonic transit time following diverting loop ileostomy for low anterior resection.Supervisor: Miss Nicola Fearnhead. Total: £7000. Presented at local and national meetings, winning best senior trainee presentation prize in 2012.


Research projects supervised

2013 – 2014    MPhil degree, University of Cambridge

In vitro induction of regulatory T cells and their potential in transplantation.

Achieved distinction, and Winner of 3rdprize in research category at the International Academic and Research Conference 2014

2014                Summer project

In vitro induction of direct pathway regulatory T cells




Publications Summary statistics
Total = 74

Research articles – 22

Case series/reports/techniques – 21

Review articles – 20

Letters – 9

Book chapters – 2

Citations – 485

h-index – 11

i10 index – 11

Researchgate score 35.14


 Research articles

Bhakhri K, Volpi S, GoriD, Goddard M, Ali JM*,De Silva R*. Isolated atrial amyloid: a potential contributor to morbidity and mortality following cardiac surgery. [*joint senior authors] Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery.2019 Mar 15. pii: ivz051. doi: 10.1093/icvts/ivz051. [Epub ahead of print]

Qureshi M, Alsughayyir J, Chhabra M, Ali JM, Goddard M, Devine C, Conlon T, Linterman M, Motallebzadeh R, Pettigrew G. Germinal center humoral autoimmunity independently mediates progression of allograft vasculopathy. Journal of Autoimmunity.2019 Mar;98:44-58. doi: 10.1016/j.jaut.2018.11.006

Qureshi M, Alsughayyir J, Chhabra M, Ali JM, Goddard M, Devine C, Conlon T, Linterman M, Motallebzadeh R, Pettigrew G. Data regarding Transplant Induced Germinal Center Humoral Autoimmunity. Journal of AutoimmunityData Brief. 2018 Dec 28;22:647-657. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2018.12.078

Alsughayyir J, Chhabra M, Qureshi M, Mallik M, Ali JM, Gamper I, Moseley E, Peacock S, Kosmoliaptsis V, Goddard M, Linterman M, Motallebzadeh R, Pettigrew G. Relative frequencies of alloantigen-specific helper CD4 T cells and B cells determine mode of antibody-mediated allograft rejection. Frontiers in Immunology2019 Jan 22;9:3039. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.03039

Alsughayyir J, Chhabra M, Qureshi M, Mallik M, Ali JM, Gamper I, Moseley E, Peacock S, Kosmoliaptsis V, Goddard M, Linterman M, Motallebzadeh R, Pettigrew G. Germinal centre alloantibody responses mediate progression of chronic allograft injury. Frontiers in Immunology2019 Jan 23;9:3038. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.03038

Ali JM, Gerrard C, Clayton J, Moorjani N. educed re-exploration and blood product transfusion after introduction of the Papworth haemostasis checklist. European Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery2019 Apr 1;55(4):729-736. doi: 10.1093/ejcts/ezy362.

Ali JM, Lam K, Coonar AS. Robotic camera assistance: the future of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery? Surgical Innovation2018 Oct;25(5):485-491. doi: 10.1177/1553350618784224

Ali JM, Miles LF, Abu-Omar Y, Galhardo C, Falter F. Global cardioplegia practices: Results from the Global Cardiopulmonary Bypass Survey.TheJournal of ExtraCorporeal Technology 2018 Jun;50(2):83-93.

Farid S, Ali JM, Stohlner V, Alam R, Schofield P, Nashef S, De Silva R. Long-Term Outcome Of Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: A Single Center Experience. [*joint first authors]Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery2018 Jan/Feb;13(1):23-28

Ali JM, Dunning J, Ng C, Tsui S, Cannon JE, Sheares KK, Taboada D, Toshner M, Screaton N, Pepke-Zaba J, Jenkins DP. The outcome of re-operative pulmonary endarterectomy surgery. Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery. 2018 Jun 1;26(6):932-937

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Ali JM, Negus MC, Conlon TM, Harper IG, Qureshi MS, Motallebzadeh R, Willis R, Saeb-Parsy K, Bolton EM, Bradley JA, Pettigrew GJ. Diversity of the T cell alloresponse: implications for regulatory T cell immunotherapy in transplantation. Cell Reports2016 Feb 9;14(5):1232-45 PMID 2680490

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Zelga P, Ali JM, Brais R, Harper SJF, Liau S-S, Huguet EL, Jamieson NV, Praseedom RK, Jah A. Negative predictive value of drain amylase concentration for development of pancreatic fistula after pancreaticoduodenectomy. Pancreatology2015 Mar-Apr;15(2):179-84 PMID: 25579809

Ali JM, Davies SE, Brais RJ, Randle LV, Klinck JR, Allison MED, Chen Y, Pasea L, Harper SFJ, Pettigrew GJ. Analysis of ischaemia/reperfusion injury in time-zero biopsies predicts liver allograft outcomes. Liver Transplantation2015 Apr;21(4):487-99. PMID: 25545865

Ali JM, Rajaratnam S, Upponi S, Hall NR, Fearnhead NS. Colonic transit in the empty colon after defunctioning ileostomy – do we really know what happens? Techniques in Coloproctology2015 Mar;19(3):165-72PMID 25697292

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Ali J, Barrow L, Vuylsteke A. The impact of computerized physician order entry on prescribing practices in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit. Anaesthesia2010;65(2):119-23PMID: 19889112


Case Series/Reports/Techniques

Ali JM, Vuylsteke A, Pettit S, Salaunkey K, Bhagra S, Lewis C, Parameshwar J, Kydd A, Patvardhan C, Jones N, Rubino A, Abu-Omar Y, Tsui S, Catarino P, Jenkins DP, Berman M. Transfer of patients with cardiogenic shock using veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anaesthesia2019 In Press

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Ali JM, Wolf I, Falconieri F, Aresu G, Coonar A, Joshi Y, Peryt A. Mechanical thrombectomy for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke following pulmonary lobectomy. Annals of Royal College of Surgeons2019 May;101(5):e115-e118. doi: 10.1308/rcsann.2019.0028

Chen Z*, Ali JM*, Xu H, Lei J, Aresu G. Anesthesia and enhanced recovery in subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. [*joint first authors]Journal of Thoracic Disease2018 Dec;10(12):6987-6992. doi: 10.21037/jtd.2018.11.90. Review.

Ali JM, Volpi S, Lei J, Chenlu Y, Gening J, Aresu G. The future of minimally invasive thymectomy: the uniportal subxiphoid VATS technique – a case series. Journal of visualised surgery2018 In Press

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Review articles

 Cardiothoracic Interdisciplinary Research Network, Rogers L, Vaja R, Bleetman D, Ali JM, Rochon M, Sanders J, Tanner J, Lamagni TL, Talukder S, Quijano-Campos JC, Lai F, Loubani M, Murphy G. Interventions to prevent surgical site infection in adults undergoing cardiac surgery (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews2019, Issue 5. Art. No.: CD013332. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD013332.

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Notable published abstracts

Ali J, Harper I, Bolton E, Bradley JA, Pettigrew G. Recipient natural killer cell allorecognition of passenger donor lymphocytes and its effect on adaptive alloimmunity after transplantation. Lancet. 2015 Feb 26;385 Suppl 1:S18PMID: 26312840

Ali J, Bolton E, Saeb-Parsy K, Bradley JA, Pettigrew G. Targeting indirect pathway CD4 T-cell alloresponses in the prevention of chronic transplant rejection. Lancet. 2015 Feb 26;385 Suppl 1:S17PMID: 26312839


Book Chapter

Ali J, Vuylsteke A. Time to use Computerised Physician Order Entry in all ICU’s. In: Vincent JL (ed) Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2008. Springer, Heidelberg.

Ali JM, Jenkins D. Cardiac ECMO. In: Valchanov K, Jones N, Hogue R (ed) Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care. 2017 Cambridge University Press, UK.


Book Associate Editor

Subxiphoid Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery. Editors. G Aresu: L Jiang, Associate Editors: D Gonzalez-Rivaz, A Sihoe, G Rocco, J Ali,G Jeng. AME Publishing group. 2019


Medical Education


Teaching qualifications and memberships

2014 Masters in Medical Education (University of Bedfordshire) (MA [Med Ed])
2013 Member of the Academy of Medical Educators (MAcadMed)
2012 Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (FHEA)
2012 Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education (University of Bedfordshire)

Teaching positions and roles

Director of Studies in Medical and Veterinary Sciences, Churchill College (2014 – )

Role in medical admissions: involving hosting college medical open days and interviewing prospective medical students. Completing mandatory training required for University of Cambridge admissions including equality and diversity training. Have a pastoral responsibility for current medical students

Undergraduate Supervisor for Churchill College, Cambridge University: Mechanism of Drug Action

Organising, planning and delivering weekly small group teaching of 2nd year pre-clinical students, and organising annual progress tests. Annual feedback allows me to ensure my sessions are challenging and enjoyable for students. 15/16 will be my 11th year of teaching. I also interview prospective applicants to Churchill College

Clinical supervisor, School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge University (2009 – 2015)

Weekly small group ward based teaching of clinical students, teaching communication, examination and practical skills. 14/15 will be my 6th year of teaching
School of Clinical Medicine Clinical Supervisor Representative on Clinical Education Quality Committee 2014/15

Clinical Communication Skills facilitator, Clinical School Cambridge University

Participation in the facilitation of the ‘Working in teams’ sessions

Teaching and Examining roles for School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge University

Interviewing prospective clinical medical students 2013-2016

Facilitator on ‘Preparing for Patients B’ course

Examiner for Stage 1 OSCE 2010-2016

Examiner for Final MB Practical skills OSCE examination (OSPE) 2013-2015

Member of the standard setting committee for MCQ, EMQ and SEQ papers for Final MB examinations 2010-2016

Featured as the demonstrator in the abdominal examination, peripheral arterial vascular, and varicose vein teaching videos for the clinical school e-Learning site

Group teaching, bedside teaching and seminars for clinical students on hospital attachments

Clinical examination teaching for clinical students in general practice and wards

First year clinical exam revision sessions

Teaching on surgical skills courses for medical students and foundation year doctors

Teaching specialist nurses and observing practical skills performed

Learning resources available on my website:

Medical education and teaching prizes

Nominated by School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, for Health Education East of England ‘Trainee/Student Educator of the Year’ at Celebrating Success Awards 2014

Commendation for Masters in Medical Education, University of Bedfordshire


Leadership and Management


2018                Webmaster for Health Education England East of England Cardiothoracic Surgery

Designing and maintaining the website for current and prospective cardiothoracic trainees


2018                Conception, organisation and chairing the Churchill College Medical Summer School

300 prospective medical students attending a recruitment summer school event for Cambridge University


2017 –               Rota coordinator for SHOs, Papworth Hospital

Organising rota for thoracic surgery unit for FY/CT/SpR doctors, including allocation to regional clinics. Interviewing for clinical fellow posts


2017                Conception, organisation and chairing the Churchill College Medical/Veterinary Symposium

Fundraising symposium for Churchill College Medical and Veterinary alumni


2015/16           Rota coordinator, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Organising rota for thoracic surgery unit for FY/CT/SpR doctors, including allocation to regional clinics.


2014/15           School of Clinical Medicine Clinical Supervisor Representative on Clinical Education Quality Committee


2011/12           Rota coordinator, Papworth Hospital

Organising rota for 8 SHO’s, with 2 vacancies and arranging weekly allocations. Liasing with medical staffing regularly to arrange appropriate locums. Working with hospital management and consultants to develop rota to improve training provided by the rota


2011/12           The productive ward programme, Papworth Hospital

Contributing to analysing the patients pathway to improve the efficiency of discharge processes, raising several suggested improvements from a period of prospective observation of delays in patients discharge.


2008-10           UK Foundation Programme Advisory Board: Deanery representative


2008-11           Eastern Deanery Foundation Training Board: Trainee representative


Updated 10th August 2019